“S” is for Superfoods – Your Body’s Nutrition Superheroes!

Just like superheroes fight crime, protect, and save the day, superfoods fight the things that steal your energy and attack your immune system.

Superfoods are nutrient-dense and highly concentrated. They allow your body to gain access to its reserves in a way it may not have had an opportunity to do so before. Superfoods help fill in the gaps, replacing what is missing from your nutritional intake.


Spirulina is an INCREDIBLE superfood—so powerful it was used to combat the effects of radiation sickness post-Chernobyl (see last week’s email for details).

Well, the first ingredient by weight found in Enerprime is … you guessed it, SPIRULINA!

A nutrition superhero that is:

·        Anti-inflammatory

·        Rich in antioxidants

·        Helps lower triglycerides and bad cholesterol, so good for the heart!

·        Helps lower blood pressure

·        Can reduce muscle fatigue and aid muscle recovery

·        It is an effective detox agent and helps keep your gut healthy

·        Supports your immune system!

Enerprime is SALAD in a bottle, and the “S” stands for SUPERFOODS!

Watch this 3-minute video from Carey Nosler about the SUPERFOODS in ENERPRIME!

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